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Welcome to Leftypedia
The online encyclopedia dedicated to providing a coherent platform for leftist politics.

Leftypedia aims to document and propagate left-wing theory from a variety of different tendencies, and thus contribute to a more unified leftist movement in which no view is misrepresented; demystifying dense theoretical texts by engaging in direct analysis of primary sources while also providing readily understandable-explanations — to let the left-wing movement do the talking while expounding upon it. In addition Leftypedia is a space for original leftist research and theorizing.

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Beginners should consider visiting the FAQ for information about Marxist communism.

Featured Article

Social class refers to the position or rank of different demographics, corresponding to their socioeconomic position. Contemporary Marxists usually define class as being a function of one's position relating to social labour and the means of production. Class can be said to form part of the relations of production of a given society. Marxists consider workers and capitalists to be the main classes of capitalism. (more...)

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