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Welcome to Leftypedia
The aspiring online encyclopaedia dedicated to providing a coherent platform for leftist politics.

Leftypedia aims to document and propagate anti-capitalist theory from a variety of different tendencies, and thus contribute to a more unified leftist movement in which no opinion is misrepresented. For this it engages in direct analysis of primary sources. In addition it aspires to be a space for original leftist research and theorising.

Quick Start

This is a moderated wiki. You can change pages however you like, but these changes will be visible to only yourself until a moderator approves them. We approve any changes that are in good faith.

Beginners should consider visiting the FAQ for information about Marxist communism.

Featured Article

The economic history of the Soviet Union concerns a period of profound social transformation within a narrow space of time, on a scale that had never been seen up to that point. (more...)

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