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Welcome to Leftypedia
The aspiring online encyclopaedia dedicated to providing a coherent platform for leftist politics.

Leftypedia aims to document and propagate anti-capitalist theory from a variety of different tendencies, and thus contribute to a more unified leftist movement in which no opinion is misrepresented. For this it engages in direct analysis of primary sources. In addition it aspires to be a space for original leftist research and theorising.

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Beginners should consider visiting the FAQ for information about Marxist communism.

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Dialectical method is characterized by the prevalence of contradiction, something which formal logic usually tries to avoid. Contradicting ideas or aspects of things are juxtaposed and allowed to interact with each other, so that we develop a deeper sense of them. This may happen in various ways. Views may get abandoned and replaced with more sophisticated ones, or they may be revealed to actually be compatible with each other. Most interesting, however, is when we discover that the contradiction constitutes a gap inherent to the subject at hand. One that we cannot simply skip over, but that has to be integrated in the way we think about the subject. We may also find that two opposite concepts naturally necessitate each other, which is resolved by a move Hegel called sublation. (more...)

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