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Welcome to Leftypedia
The aspiring online encyclopaedia dedicated to providing a coherent platform for leftist politics.

Leftypedia aims to document and propagate anti-capitalist theory from a variety of different tendencies, and thus contribute to a more unified leftist movement in which no opinion is misrepresented. For this it engages in direct analysis of primary sources. In addition it aspires to be a space for original leftist research and theorising.

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Statement by the administrator of Leftypedia: Why break with Marxistpedia?

Beginners should consider visiting the FAQ for information about Marxist communism.

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Social class refers to the position or rank of different demographics, corresponding to their socioeconomic position. Contemporary Marxists usually define class as being a function of one's position relating to social labour and the means of production. Class can be said to form part of the relations of production of a given society. Marxists consider workers and capitalists to be the main classes of capitalism. (more...)

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