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Anarchism is a political ideology advocating the immediate abolition of the state, unjustified hierarchy, and wage-labour, seeking to replace it by decentralised voluntary networks. Some forms of market anarchism advocate collectively-owned private property, whereas anarcho-communism advocates communal or common ownership. While this article is referring to leftist anarchists, right-wing anarchists do exist and they are called anarcho-capitalists, or ancaps for short, but are more akin to Neo-Feudalism rather than Anarchism.


Why anarchism has particular trouble spreading in the modern world[edit]

Capitalists and governments, which have the advantage of being organized, centralized, legitimized, and established, put down anarchist movements before they grow too large. Things like a lack of property taxes further disadvantage anarchists. No organized state means that there can't really be conquest of other places. Anarchist communes are also small and thus are pretty much entirely dependent on the outside world for materials and goods, as they don't really have many productive forces, which forces them in effect to pacify and give up their ways so that they will be tolerated. Trading means that the commune must play by the rules of the global markets to generate value and remain competitive. Without world revolution, anarchist communes are doomed to fall or remain insignificantly small.

Police also tend to take down anarchist projects, even communal agriculture.[1]

Anarchist areas[edit]

They're largely associated with squatting, and is particularly thriving in Francophone countries as well as Spain and Greece (especially with the example of Exarcheia).

Freetown Christiania[edit]

Mostly featured cannabis products, not really significant otherwise. No revolutionary activity going on. Its anarchist leaning isn't really serious; it has closer roots in the hippie counterculture than anarchism proper. It isn't even a commune as it has private business everywhere.

Variants of Anarchism[edit]

  • "Notre-Dame-des-Landes : retour sur une semaine d'affrontement à la ZAD".