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Leftist content creators are sometimes called BreadTube, LeftTube, or sometimes even Beardtube for Marxist-Leninists, and they are leftists who mostly create videos for YouTube.


Notable BreadTubers[edit]


Alias of Natalie Wynn, who is a socialist, and a transgender woman. She mainly discusses topics such as gender and sexuality. She has also made videos on right-wing personalities such as Jordan Peterson.

Philosophy Tube[edit]

A channel created by Oliver Thorn, originally made for only Philosophy-related content and video essays.


British leftist who mostly debunks right-wing falsehoods.

Three Arrows[edit]

Progressive, anti-fascist, and social democratic BreadTuber whose name comes from a symbol popular with the American antifa movement[1]. His channel is similar to that of Shaun's, "but with a greater focus on debunking bad history, and a sense of humor just as dry."[2]


Vaush is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber who covers current affairs with a "dirtbag" approach, meaning he doesn't shy away from using some amounts of "performative cruelty" and explicit language. He has emerged out of the community of the political gaming streamer Destiny.

Thought Slime[edit]

Run by a non-binary anarcho-communist who mainly makes comedic videos around topics relating to anarchist theory, anti-capitalism and anti-fascism. They have also made a couple story-time videos as well as movie reviews.


Leftist YouTuber who debunks right-wing falsehoods.


"Prolekult is a Marxist film, writing and culture platform based in Birmingham, England. The purpose of the project is to provide high-quality film content looking at world politics, culture and economics from a Marxist perspective."

Other notable YouTube channels[edit]

Democracy at Work[edit]

"Democracy at Work is a non-profit 501(c)3 that produces media and live events. Our work analyzes capitalism critically as a systemic problem and advocates for democratizing workplaces as part of a systemic solution. We seek a stronger, fuller democracy – in our politics and culture as well as in our economy - based on workers’ equal collaboration and shared leadership inside enterprises and throughout society."


Main article: Richard D. Wolff

A lifelong professor of economics, Richard D. Wolff is a well-known critic of contemporary capitalism and the leading proponent of an alternative economic system based on Worker Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDEs). He is the host of Economic Update, and has been interviewed on several popular television programs that include: Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill Moyers’ Moyers & Company, The Charlie Rose Show, and Up with Chris Hayes. As the founding director of Democracy at Work (d@w), Wolff’s publications that advocate for making the workplace democratic include articles in Truthout.org, The Guardian, Common Dreams, as well as his recent book: Capitalism's Crisis Deepens. The videos on this channel also advocate for WSDEs as a key part of moving forward from the current model of capitalism to a new and better economy.

More information can be found on d@w's websites:


Swedish Marxist who makes educational videos.

Maoist Rebel News[edit]

Canadian Maoist who is known by the name Jason Unruhe. Even within the left, he is known for having controversial views on topics such as race, sexuality and gender.
Website: https://maoistrebelnews.com


Finnish communist and Marxist-Leninist, gives information and various thoughts on various topics pertaining to these.


Marxist YouTuber covering various topics.

The Marxist Project[edit]

Videos on Marxism and topics from a Marxist perspective.

Caleb Maupin[edit]

Journalist and political analyst. Talks about books and has debates.

Paul Cockshott[edit]

Main article: Paul Cockshott

Scottish computer scientist and Marxian economist who does videos on all sorts of topics, among them being Marxism, history, economics, and the future.

/leftypol/ videos[edit]


An anime youtuber who publishes videos about anime from a Marxist viewpoint, meme videos, and game streams. Critical supporter of Stalin and the Soviet Union and used to identify as a Posadist (likely as a joke). He said on a comment section he is a "orthodox Marxist". Friends with Weeb Revolution.



Ashley Frawley is a humanist Marxist who is affiliated with Zero Books.



Pro-China Marxist-Leninist who publishes videos about China. Also a lawyer.



Comrade Pierre Tru-Dank[edit]

Comrade Rhys[edit]


Damon Garcia[edit]

Dankey Kang[edit]


Dialectical Vegan Egoist[edit]

Ewoks Unhinged[edit]


Fellow Traveler[edit]

Flea Market Socialist[edit]

He does incredible visual arts propaganda and also has great how-to videos for everyday lefty needs.



Hakim Alrah[edit]

Hasan Piker[edit]

Hasan Piker is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber who covers current affairs.

Human concepts and other things[edit]


Website: darkmarxism.online


Communist history, especially Soviet and Bolshevik.

Innuendo Studios[edit]

Social politics and online culture discussed from a left-wing perspective. Has a good series on exposing the alt-right's tactics.

Irish Socialist Republicans[edit]

Kelly Zahos[edit]


Left of Wreckage[edit]

Leftism Today[edit]


Luna Oi[edit]

Michael Roberts economist[edit]

He also has a blog.

Nathan Rich[edit]

American-Chinese anti-imperialist living in Beijing and critiquing western MSM disinfo on China, also does an in-depth historical series on China.

Neo Jacobin[edit]


Banned multiple times. His whole shtick is to combat liberals by intentionally overidentifying with what they hate: Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong, Holodomor, etc.

Paul Morrin[edit]

Plastic Pills[edit]

Videos on Marx, Adorno, Lacan, Althusser, Debord, Deleuze, and others.


Politsturm International[edit]

ML propaganda channel.

Premier Liles[edit]



Rad Shiba[edit]

Left-communist and orthodox Marxist.


Red Plateaus[edit]

Humanist Marxist.



Richard Medhurst[edit]

Analyzes the news through an application of socialist materialism.


Socialism: 101[edit]

Socialism For All[edit]

Socialist Voice[edit]

Space Babies[edit]

Spooky Scary Socialist[edit]


Tankie Talk[edit]

Taranis News[edit]

French gilets jaunes riot clips.

The Flame of Liberation[edit]

"The Flame of Liberation is an online media center which promotes revolutionary ideology from the past so that we can learn from it and apply it to the future. The Flame of Liberation puts a special focus on revolutionary movements from around the globe which have been under emphasized and or mischaracterized."

The Grayzone[edit]

The Swoletariat[edit]

Todd McGowan[edit]


Tovarisch Endymion[edit]


Videos on Noam Chomsky. No activity since mid-2013.

Understanding Power[edit]


A trans Austrian Youtuber who makes a variety of videos from analyzing arguments to explaining different leftist ideologies.

Weeb Revolution[edit]

Pro-China Marxist-Leninist and also supports Soviet Union fully. Produces various videos about anime from a communist viewpoint along with a few gaming videos. Friends with Animarchy.


"Using video games to talk about art, culture, politics, and philosophy. Also other stuff."

Zero Books[edit]

Marxist book publisher that posts theory discussions and clips.

Organization channels[edit]

Communist Party USA[edit]

Freedom Road Socialist Organization — FRSO[edit]

Party for Socialism and Labor (Liberation News)[edit]

Taimur Rahman, General Secretary of the Pakistani communist Mazdoor Kisan Party[edit]

Videos are in Urdu and English. Informally affiliated with Zero Books.

The Red Phoenix (American Party of Labor[edit]

毛主义共产党 - Maoist Communist Party[edit]

The IWW[edit]

Socialist Workers Party (UK)[edit]

Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)[edit]


Students for a Democratic Society[edit]

In Defense of Marxism[edit]

Marxist theory and analysis. In Defense of Marxism is the organ of the International Marxist Tendency, a revolutionary organization operating in more than 30 countries, including the United Kingdom, Pakistan, the USA, and all over Latin America.

Communist Corresponding Society[edit]

The Communist Corresponding Society is a Marxist discussion group based in the UK. The CCS seeks to encourage discussion, analysis, self-education, and self-clarification by drawing on multiple strands of Marxist and leftist thinking. They post their latest guest talk/lecture audio on the internet for a week (starting in 2021, prior talks only stayed on the internet for a day).

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