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Colonialism is the practice of establishing settlements on the land of another nation, which are owned by settlers on behalf of the colonizer, whom the colonies are intended to benefit. Colonialism took on its modern form around the beginning of the 17th century, and is often used in conjunction with the term imperialism, sometimes interchangeably. Imperialism however is defined as the use of force to dominate another country — thus, colonialism is a type of imperialism which involves direct physical settlements on the target nation.[1]. In the modern age, however, the practice of using physical settlements has almost entirely gone extinct, as that is too expensive, especially upon the onset of a disaster such as World War II. Modern technology and methods allow for effective remote administration despite this, and thus arose neocolonialism; which is essentially the same as "neoimperialism" and whose interchangeable use with such is more appropriate than between "colonialism" and "imperialism", as administration of remote lands has become so abstracted and non-physical. The term "neocolonialism" is more widely used, however, by at least a magnitude.[2]