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Leftypedia allows leftists the space to publish their thoughts in an essay format within the "Essay:" namespace. After writing such a piece you may add a synopsis of it on this page.

Author Title Synopsis
User:CommieKarlovy Personal Property vs Public Property This paper consists of a counter-argument against the "Private Property" argument commonly parrotted by right-wingers.
User:CommieKarlovy A short paper on a Birdargument concerning minimum wage This paper consists of a counter-argument against an argument the writer calls a "Birdargument" that concerns Minimum Wage.
User:CommieKarlovy Canada is Not Unique A reflection on being Canadian.
User:Anarcho-Bolshevik Anticommunism Kills A sourced list of anticommunist historical killings.
/leftypol/ anon The Capitalist Realism of Post-Apocalypse Fiction One user's argument about the absurdity of the post-apocalyptic setting.
User:CommieKarlovy What Is Considered Leftist? A paper on what ideologies could be considered "Leftist".
User:Capuch1n Is it worth to critically support China anymore? An address to whether support of China is still warranted.