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Wikitext is roughly the same among different Mediawiki wikis. You can use the resources offered by Wikipedia to learn how to properly edit pages on Leftypedia. Nevertheless, there are a few points that are specific to this site and need to be clarified.


We've restricted the editing of userpages (even your own) to trusted contributors. This was done because of an issue with spam bots only editing their own userpage. If you want to edit your own userpage please make a couple of edits on the wiki first so we can tell that you're legit.


Because of technical reasons involving the current webhosting plan of Leftypedia, the wiki cannot import LUA based templates from Wikipedia. This means you cannot copy templates using any "#invoke" statements. For the time being, we will have to make due with the ParserFunctions, Variables, and Loops extensions, which offer much of the same functionality. This nonetheless means that instead of using the very general modules supplied by Wikipedia, many of our templates will have to depend on dirty hacks. (Looking at the bright side, dirty hacks are more fun.)

You can request additional extensions (that don't require root access) and find help building the templates you need by contacting User talk:CyberSynGang.

Available Templates[edit]

This is intended to be a list of templates available for articles, because this is different from Wikipedia. This is not intended to include the technical templates some of these templates are based on, for a complete list of templates, please look here.

Navigation Templates[edit]

Infobox Templates[edit]

Issue Templates[edit]

Sidebar Templates[edit]

User Page Templates[edit]

Put these templates on your userpage. Please don't use them in articles on the site.

Citing sources[edit]

For help citing sources, see these links.