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Tendency Year of political degeneration in Russia Year of capitalist restoration/installation in Russia Cause of Russia degeneration and subsequent restoration USSR's political economy (circa 1933) Vanguardism Organisational form Parliamentary participation National liberation Trade unions
Anarchism 1917 or 1918 N/A or 1917 or 1918 Bourgeois Revolution, Authoritarianism State-capitalism or state-socialism No Federalism Abstentionism No Strategic(tactical)
Impossibilism 1917 or 1918 N/A Bourgeois Revolution Capitalism No Direct democracy Strategic or principled No ?
Marxism-Leninism 1953 around 1990 Revisionism Socialism Yes Democratic centralism Yes Yes Strategic
Left Communism 1918 to early 1920s N/A Failure to expand to other countries, Counter-revolution Capitalism Yes and no Organic centralism or centralism Abstentionism No No
Neo-Kautskyists 1918 to early 1920s 1990 Socially non-viable economy Non-mode of production No Democracy Tactical ? Tactical
Trotskyism 1926 around 1990 Socialism in One Country Degenerated Workers' State (state-capitalism) Yes Democratic centralism Yes Yes Strategic
Anti-Revisionist Marxism-Leninism 1953 1953+ Revisionism Socialism Yes Democratic centralism Yes Yes Strategic
Council communism N/A N/A Bourgeois revolution State-capitalism No Federalism Abstentionism No Strategic (tactical)