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Written by User:CyberSynGang, the administrator of Leftypedia.

The initial contents of this site have been directly copied from Marxistpedia.org. Creating a second leftist wiki in this way will rightly raise suspicions of sectarianism. This page is meant to clear those.

There are three main reasons for the decision.

Inactivity of the administrator

The primary reason for splitting off was the inactivity of the administrator, a significant obstacle since we need the administrator to implement new Mediawiki extensions. We didn't have the appropriate tools to remove the large amounts of spam plaguing the site, or to build the templates we needed in our articles.

Rigid objectives

Marxistpedia.org was originally intended to be a website on Marxism from a left-communist perspective. After two years of relative inactivity, I gently pushed it to include other tendencies, since there had been numerous complaints from potential contributors. While the administrator consented to my policy changes, it is inappropriate to continue using their site for things they never intended. This would pose considerable risk to the future of the project. Because it was unclear to me what the purpose of the Wiki would end up being in the future, it seemed appropriate to start one whose objectives are more clearly defined.

Name of the Wiki

The name "Marxistpedia" itself suggests that the site aligns with a certain tradition, which I want to avoid. For this project to be in any way successful it needs to appeal to a broad base of leftists.