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Welcome to Leftypedia
The aspiring online encyclopaedia dedicated to providing a coherent platform for leftist politics.

Leftypedia aims to document and propagate anti-capitalist theory from a variety of different tendencies, and thus contribute to a more unified leftist movement in which no opinion is misrepresented. For this it engages in direct analysis of primary sources. In addition it aspires to be a space for original leftist research and theorising.

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Beginners should consider visiting the FAQ for information about Marxist communism.

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The materialist conception of history, also known as historical materialism, is the historiographic paradigm of Marxism. The principle behind materialism is that material conditions are at the basis of the ideas expressed by each era, in opposition to idealism, which states that ideas create reality. Historical materialism is materialism as applied to history. Before the advent of historical materialism, historians would generally analyse historical events to result from a battle of ideas, and took for granted what each epoch said about itself. However, Marx and Engels elaborated the theory that historical events are in fact nothing but the result of material conditions, and that ideas dictate only the specific form. This method of analysis Engels termed historical materialism. (more...)

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