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This article gives an overview of philosophical materialism throughout history and relates it to Marxist thought. For other meanings of the term, see Materialism (disambiguation).

Philosophical and methodological materialism is the doctrine that material things and their interactions are the fundamental substance of reality. This is usually considered in opposition to idealism, which considers the mind, consciousness and ideas to be more fundamental.

Pre-Marxist materialism[edit]

Greek atomism[edit]

Main article: Greek atomism

Early modern materialism[edit]


Main article: Feuerbach

Marxist materialism[edit]

Historical materialism[edit]

Main article: Historical materialism

Historical materialism is the application of methodological materialism to the study of history.

Dialectical materialism[edit]

Main article: Dialectical materialism

Dialectical materialism is the adaption of Hegel's idealist dialectics to materialism.

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