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/leftypol/ is the source of many memes used by the online left and even beyond. These include:

  • Porky, a cartoon character from a 1920 Soviet agitprop poster [1]
  • Nazbol Gang[2] ("This Post Was Made By X Gang" is a derivative of this)[3]
  • Political catgirls
  • Posadism
  • References to socialist leader Enver Hoxha (and the multitudes of bunkers he built during his reign in Albania)
  • References to communalist theorist Murray Bookchin
  • References to German egoist philosopher Max Stirner, particularly his concept of 'spooks' (Stirner proposed that most commonly accepted social institutions, including the notion of the state, property as a right, natural rights in general and the very notion of society, were mere illusions — "spooks" or ghosts in the mind)
  • References to Marxist computer scientist and economist William Paul Cockshott and his theory of cybernetic socialism (frequently memed from 2017 onwards). Often called the immortal scientist (itself a reference to the "immortal science of Marxism-Leninism" meme), or by other puns on his inadvertently sexual last name (ex: dickblast, penisblast, etc.).

Some other leftist memes include:

  • "So much for the tolerant left": a quote used by leftist Twitter to mock conservatives who sincerely use the phrase to describe examples of when they feel the left is intolerant of their beliefs.[4]
  • Antifa supersoldiers: refers to a fictional group of radically violent Antifa protesters referenced in a sarcastic tweet by Twitter user @KrangTNelson in late October 2017. After the tweet was widely circulated online, conservative users demanded Twitter ban @KrangTNelson for promoting political violence, leading to his brief suspension on the social networking site.[5]
  • Bash the fash: a catchphrase associated with anarchist and antifa movements, meaning "bash the fascist," which some read as advocating for violence as a means to stop the spread of fascism. Online the phrase is often used in vertical posting and comment chains.[6]