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The online left is composed of several different, yet often times overlapping sections of the Internet. These include content creators, Blogs and several discussion websites, such as:


  • /leftypol/
  • GETchan, a backup for bunkerchan
  • rhizzone, a leftist offshoot from Something Awful, started by refugees from the shutdown of "Laissez's Faire" (LF), a subforum on that website. LF basically pioneered left-wing shitposting. The name rhizzone comes from the work of Deleuze and Guattari, which rhizzone identifies with to a large extent. Besides these two authors, rhizzone users are really into Maoism, permaculture, doomerism, and Detroit techno. Its userbase is known for having a rather dirty image, this being due to what's been uncovered about many rhizzone users by the obsessive efforts of Kiwi Farms and earlier fascist Something Awful offsites. Some of the articles on their front page are worthwhile to read.
  • eRegime, a website run by Ismail that is largely used to play political simulations on. It hosts /marx/, which was a board recreated on this website that Ismail ran back on 8chan, where he would answer questions about different things, mostly pertaining to Marxism and socialism.
  • Reddit, which has several leftist "subreddits", or boards
  • Lemmy, a Leftist Reddit alternative

Leftist content creators[edit]

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Online courses[edit]

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Video games[edit]

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