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Organizing is the act of structuring and strengthening the bonds between people of the working class. Various political parties engage in organizing, as do trade unions.

Trade unions[edit]

A trade union is an association of workers which legally represents and bargains for employees of a certain organization. In a capitalist society, it's important to be in one, especially if your company is particularly exploitative. Once you're in a union, you'll meet other people in the same industry, and you'll get training in organizing if you want. Let the pros teach you, especially about situations and rules specific to your jurisdiction. Branch meetings are closed to the public, so your bosses aren't going to know you're in the union unless they hear you say so.

The general process for unionizing your workplace is:

  1. Join the union best suited for you by trade with enough members to help you, the more radical the better. If you're part of a radical union, you will see strikes and the whole point of a strike is to not let strike breakers in. The police may come down hard on you when you barricade outside the workplace — your task is to keep the strike going, or else you'll just get fired and someone else will take your job for a lower wage.
  2. Talk to people about problems in the workplace so you can build a list of complaints and help mobilize people when 3 happens
  3. Wait for an opportunity where the company messes up, such as the everyone getting the payroll late
  4. Ensure people unionize
  5. Set amongst yourselves a secret red line, like a wage cut. If your boss crosses it, threaten them of action by the union (often times union representatives or lawyers will do this instead).

Joining a union may be risky, as it is in many places in the United States, where often attempts to do so can get you and your coworkers fired. On the other hand, joining a union reduces risk, as being in one increases your power of appeal in case you get fired; or, being in a union can prevent you from getting fired in the first place.

Try to avoid the AFL-CIO, which is notoriously corrupt and liberal.

In the United Kingdom, you can join the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain. If you aren't in one of the industries covered by the various sections of the IWGB, you can join the "holding branch".

Political parties[edit]

In case a trade union is too risky, joining a party may be a better option. You can contact other unions/parties on advice as to how exactly go about this; preferably ones within your locale. You can also contact the IWW as well. Talk to coworkers about labor issues; see who may be open to organizing. Keep things on the down-low until you develop an inner circle of people you trust, and then build a large enough body of workers ready to establish and commit to a union. Start by having meetings secretly until you are prepared enough to take action. Require or at least encourage members to actually read about economics or history so they understand what they're doing.

In the United States, the most real options are the Communist Party USA or the Party for Socialism and Liberation. There is also the American Party of Labor, and alternatively, you can go join the Green Party of the United States, which is officially anti-capitalist as of 2016 and has had a large socialist faction since its founding in the 1980s. Figures like Michael Hudson, however, believe that the US Greens aren't a genuine leftist party,[1] although it may also be said that criticisms like those made by Hudson are projections of personal experience with neoliberal Greens in other countries, dispelling the notion of some kind of "international Green solidarity". Furthermore, US Greens are considerably more radical than most other countries' because they have to fight so hard just to get ballot access. In some countries, the Green party is just a front for another party — often in these cases, both are completely corrupt. In these situations their only purpose is to siphon votes and appeal to ecologists, so a more explicitly socialist party would be better in that case.

In the United Kingdom, the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist) is one of the largest and most viable socialist parties out there. There is also the Socialist Workers Party (UK).

List of Organizations[edit]


  • World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
  • Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Best practices[edit]

  • Please don't try to hook up with other members of your organization. It will only cause drama.

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