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Socialism is a word that designates a variety of political ideologies on the left of the political spectrum that advocates community control over the forces of production by some means, including elections, corporate groups, municipal ownership, state ownership, or as in the case of communism common ownership.

Within contemporary Marxism it has often attained a more puritan definition, excluding essentially all non-communist political positions.

Variants of non-proletarian socialism[edit]

Bourgeois Socialism[edit]

Bourgeois or conservative socialism is a variant of socialism that seeks to maintain capitalist society but modifying it to varying extends to rid of the social ills to which it necessarily gives rise. These modifications may include money reform schemes or social welfare provisions.[1]

Reactionary Socialism[edit]

Reactionary socialism bases its opposition to capitalism by looking to previous social stages of development, based on feudal and patriarchal perceptions of socialism. It advocates the restoration of feudal relations, patriarchal society, or a society based on the rule of guildmasters or small producers.

Engels argued that "As soon as the proletariat becomes revolutionary and communist, these reactionary socialists show their true colors by immediately making common cause with the bourgeoisie against the proletarians."[2]

Variants of proletarian socialism[edit]


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