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The United States is a capitalist and neoimperialist country in North America. The USA is the foremost superpower and as of 2020, a waning-empire. The country is constituted by 50 states on the North American continent and overseas territories, however the power of its geopolitical strategy relies on globalizing its exploitation beyond its own national borders.

The USA came in to being with the culmination of the American revolution in 1783. The country is deeply corrupt, non-representative and its measures of freedom are mostly economic for the owning classes. The USA is an expert at maintaining its power and dominance through economic, political, proxy and direct warfare of which has caused immense atrocities of which they cover up and deny.

Many Americans are convinced in to the support and cognitive dismissal of its inhumanity by concessions and ideology — of which American exceptionalism is the most prominent, which conceals the contradictions of capitalism such that the working peoples do not dismantle the imperialist status quo. Americans often believe that the press of America is completely free, but even though American news networks like CNN and Fox are not state-owned, they massively support the bourgeoisie and the state.


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Modern Politics[edit]

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While no consensus exists on whether or not the U.S.A. qualifies as neofascist, the bourgeois state has repeatedly demonstrated a propensity for neofascism: as, ignoring neofascists breaking the law;[1] permitting Eastern neofascists to visit the country and train other white supremacists;[2] ignoring or obscuring neofascism in Europe;[3] [4] [5] permitting neofascists to run for senate;[6] [7] deploying neofascists in other territories;[8] [9] [10] awarding governmental positions to some neofascists;[11] and supporting neofascist politicians in countries like Bolivia[12] and Ukraine.[13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19]

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