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Note: Although some of the sources provided are sectarian, this document itself is intentionally written from a pansocialist point of view. Please keep it that way.

A compendium serving to provide quick access to resources and responses that refute typical liberal bullshit.

Due to technical limitations, I have decided to give each section its own page. Click the titles to visit them.

Communism killed 100–600 million

The Nazis were socialists, communists or leftists

All humans are naturally lazy, greedy, violent, blah blah blah

Socialists want to force everybody to be the same

Communists are just as vile, if not worse, than fascists and white nationalists

Capitalism has brought hundreds of millions out of poverty

Liberal, capitalist governments do not (intentionally) harm their own citizens

Socialism has no popular support

Most or all socialists strongly oppose democracy

Most or all socialists are strongly in favour of gun control

Most people in socialist states are constantly starving or are malnourished, and it’s because of socialism

Socialism has not and never will work